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About the School

An art and design school in San Francisco that has been called home by artists and designers since 1929. Over the years, the Academy’s curriculum, facilities, and resources have expanded, putting them on the front line of technological innovations—such as their online education, or their early adoption of augmented and virtual reality along with their drone courses, and the adoption of technology in design and fashion.

Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion is ranked as one of the top Fashion Schools in the US and was in the top 25 Schools in the world in 2018, according to the Fashionista.

"Artists teaching artists. Instructors instructing the truth. That's honesty and integrity, and Academy of Art University stands for these principles."
- Richard A. Stephens, Chariman Emeritus


Graduates from any of's Diploma programmes (except Diploma in Bag Design) will be able to transfer credits from their studies to selected fashion programmes in the Academy of Art.

Select your Diploma of interest below to see the number of credits transferrable per programme

Academy of Art University Programme Total Units Transfer units for Advanced Diploma Graduate
Fashion Marketing (BFA) 120 39-48
Fashion Merchandising (BFA) 120 39-48
Fashion Product Development (BFA) 120 48
Fashion Design (BFA) 120 39-48
Fashion Journalism (BFA) 120 39-48

Academy of Art University Programme Total Units Transfer units for Diploma in Apparel Design Graduate
Fashion Marketing (BFA) 120 33-36
Fashion Merchandising (BFA) 120 33-36
Fashion Product Development (BFA) 120 36
Fashion Design (BFA) 120 36
Fashion Journalism (BFA) 120 33-36

Academy of Art University Programme Total Units Transfer units for Diploma in Fashion Business Graduate
Fashion Marketing (BFA) 120 30
Fashion Merchandising (BFA) 120 30
Fashion Product Development (BFA) 120 24-30
Fashion Design (BFA) 120 24-30
Fashion Journalism (BFA) 120 24-30

Academy of Art University Programme Total Units Transfer units for Diploma in Footwear Design
Fashion Marketing (BFA) 120 24-27
Fashion Merchandising (BFA) 120 24-27
Fashion Product Development (BFA) 120 27
Fashion Design (BFA) 120 27
Fashion Journalism (BFA) 120 24-27


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San Francisco Campus

79 New Montgomery St.
San Francisco CA9410

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1 800 544 2787

An illustration of a derby shoe and its components

Fundamentals of Footwear

These short, half-day courses are a must for shoe enthusiasts that want to learn the essentials of shoemaking: great materials, great technique, and great fit.

Courses include:
An illustration of heels being digitally designed

Footwear Design and Sketching

Learn how to design your own footwear digitally and on paper with our pattern making, sketching, and digital design courses. Discover new softwares like Adobe Illustrator to design your shoes!

Courses include:
An illustration of a derby shoe and its cost breakdown

Footwear Business Essentials

Whether you’re creating your own footwear brand or working at a footwear company, knowing how to plan a costing and buying strategy like the back of your hand will help you go far in the industry.

Courses include:
An illustration of a sneaker broken down and shoe making tools

Shoe-Making Workshops

Master the art of shoemaking with our signature hands-on courses. Learn to create your very own women's shoes, sneakers, and derby shoes with the use of our industry standard equipment at our footwear lab*.

Courses include:
An illustration of a women's shoe collection

Footwear Capstone Project

Having completed the previous 14 modules, you will be put to the test of creating your own footwear collection in this final capstone project. From the creation of mood boards to the final technical package, create your final footwear collection which you can add to your portfolio and use to apply for jobs after graduation!

Courses include:


In order to be accepted, you would need to fulfill the following criteria:

Total Payable Fee per Year has secured this special rate exclusively for our alumni per on-site academic year:
S$ 11,226.00* - 36,432.92*
*Currency conversion is done on 5th Aug 2020, 8:55 am UTC, and might not reflect accurate exchange rates as displayed.
*Subject to change without prior notice.

£1,995 - £5,550
S$ 3,582.27* - 9,960.72*
*Currency conversion is done on 5th Aug 2020, 8:55 am UTC, and might not reflect accurate exchange rates as displayed.
*Subject to change without prior notice.

US$ 27,856
S$ 39,597.44 * 
Click here for the Fee Breakdown
2020/21 Tuition Fees
(Special Rate for's Graduates) 
Fees Payable by Unit (3 units per class) US$1 059/unit
(1505.37* SGD)
Application Fee US$150
(213.23 SGD)
Registration Fee
(71.08 SGD)
International Student Service Fee
(onsite only)
(426.45 SGD)
Student activity fee
(onsite only)
(42.65 SGD)
Tuition Deposit (goes toward tuition upon enrollment) US$2 500/semester
(3553.76 SGD)
Course Fees
US$400/average per semester
(568.60 SGD)
US$540/average per semester
(767.61 SGD)
Total Payable Fee*
Estimated undergraduate expenses for a full-time student for the given academic year s
US$27 856
(39597.44 SGD)

*Currency conversion is done on 22 May, 5:37 am UTC, and might not reflect accurate exchange rates as displayed.
*Subject to change without prior notice.

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Curious about the programme? Looking to talk to someone before you make a choice? Our programme advisors are here to get you started.

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We are proud to see our alumni flourish in the fashion industry, whether they are hired by the likes of ALDO and Melissa or carving their own path as brand owners.
Click the alumni portraits to discover their brands!
“I wanted to create my own shoes to solve a problem for myself and other women like myself. The best thing was the fact that it was condensed - it was only going to be about 13 weeks, so I could do it very easily. I love the staff: they've been really helpful, really encouraging, really supportive, and they really do take your viewpoints on board. I now have some real knowledge of what goes into making shoes.”

Shola Asante

Co-Founder of Sante + Wade
A picture of Shola Asante
woman refine's a men's shoe

Practical Industry Knowledge

Our trainers are practitioners in the fashion industry today - so if they're teaching it, they've experienced it too. Everything you learn at can be applied to your professional life in fashion and will be taught through interactive workshops, whether online or in's Footwear and Bags Lab.
group of shoe makers

Global Network of Entrepreneurs and Experts

As the industry becomes more interconnected, so does our network. Our partners, contacts, and advisors are as close to home as Thailand or Japan and as far as Italy or the UK. Tap into a professional community built over decades of industry immersion.
trainer advising a student

Post-Graduate Career Support

We are committed to preparing you for success in the industry. Our career support connects you to jobs available on the market, opportunities for further studies, and resources to help you start your own brand. Whether you've just started your programme or just graduated, we're here for you.

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Sep 10, 2022 - Dec 18, 2022

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Admissions Requirements

Be sure to check our requirements and ensure that your prepared to make the most out of our Diploma! Check here
A picture of Sergio Franco Aniorte

Sergio Franco Aniorte

CEO at Sample Room & Teacher at Arsutoria School
Having been exposed to the Footwear industry through his family’s business in Spain and completing his studies at Arsutoria, Sergio has years of experience in the industry from working as a pattern maker for Manolo Blahnik, a product manager at H.H. Brown, and as a teacher at his alma mater. Sergio also founded Sample Room in 2014 where he offers services from design inception to production and continues to work with brands in Europe, South America, and Asia.
A picture of Richard Siccardi

Richard Siccardi

CEO at Arise.S & Teacher at Arsutoria School
Always in love with shoes, Richard Siccardi started as a pattern maker in an Italian factory that was producing luxury ladies footwear. He then became a teacher at Arsutoria and specialized in providing skills to the next generation of shoe designers. He also started his own company Arise.S to help start-ups and established brands in the shoe business.
A picture of Vrinda Gupta

Vrinda Gupta

Founder of TEAL, Designer & Consultant
Vrinda has been in the footwear industry for over 12 years now with experience in retail, buying, brand creation, and consulting for upcoming footwear brands. Her label TEAL is a one stop shop for handcrafted, exquisite shoes and includes services like designing, prototype making, brand management, and consulting.

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Do I need any background knowledge about the Fashion Industry?

Not at all! You can enrol for our Diploma programme without any prior experience, as long as you have a passion for fashion!

Where will the Diploma be held?

The Diploma will be done both online via Zoom, and offline at our Thye Hong Campus (near Redhill MRT).

How much is the full Diploma programme?

The cost of the Footwear Diploma is S$7,151.32 for Singaporeans and PRs, and S$2,824.32 for Singaporeans above 40 years old.

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Will support me with my Fashion career after graduating?

Yes we will! Whether it's through promoting your brand on our alumni portal THE LABEL SG, or providing mentorships and consultations to further your studies, we’ve got your back! Talk to us to find out more!

Will I get a certificate upon completion?

Most definitely! Upon completion of your Diploma programme, you will be awarded a hardcopy WSQ Diploma certificate from us, and you can also access the softcopy via your MySkillsFuture portal!

Is's Diploma recognised?

As an Edutrust and Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) certified training centre, with 11 top fashion schools recognising our Diplomas for accreditation programmes like Paris College Of Art and Atelier Chardon Savard, continues to stay in line with leading national and international fashion industry standards.

How are the courses conducted and assessed?

The courses are conducted in the form of lectures, discussions, demonstrations, case studies, practical exercises, and hands-on activities. You will then be assessed on the work you have done with a final evaluation at the end of every course.

What will the Diploma cover?

The Footwear Diploma will be split into 5 main categories which will cover the fundamentals of footwear, design & sketching, business modules, shoemaking, and a final capstone project to wrap up everything you’ve learnt in the Diploma.
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Are there any pre-requisites?

You can join our Diploma programme if you’re aged 16 years and above and have either: at least 3 GCE 'O' Level credits with a minimum of C6 including English and Mathematics, or ES WSQ Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 5 and above, or an Advanced Certificate from
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